Ms. Tiffany Walker
November 7, 2009

Dear Students & Parents,

We have completed the first quarter of our school year.  In this first quarter we have learned or reviewed many different sounds to prepare ourselves for reading.  We began working on sample work for the ISAT and are learning how to expand our knowledge on the text that we are reading.

In math, we are learning naming of numbers, time and different methods of subtraction & addition using the number grid.

In science, we learned about animals, how to classify them, where they get their food from, what a food chain is and other fun things about animals.

In collaboration with the 3rd grade classroom, we are working together on a unit on the H1N1 virus and how to keep it from infecting Dvorak.  It has been very fun learning about the virus and how to stay safe.

Keep coming back to check out what we are doing and where we are going.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Tiffany Walker
Primary Multi-Level Classroom

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