Our Mission

To create productive and competitive members of the global society who are proficient users of technology and web-based tools that will impact an ever-changing world in a positive manner.

Dvorak's mission is to ensure that every student achieves success in all core curricular areas by coordinating school and community resources and providing a safe, nurturing learning environment. Dvorak's teaching team collaborates with parents and partners to guide our students as they learn during the school day, in extended learning programs, and at home. Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving in literacy, mathematics, science, and integration of technology. We offer enrichment opportunities for students, families, and the community focusing on the arts, sports, and technology. We support students' social emotional development and teamwork through character development and cooperative learning. We also provide differentiated instruction to ensure that we meet the needs of our regular, gifted, and special needs students.

Our Vision Statement

Dvorak's vision is to provide a climate for empowering all stakeholders -- staff members, students, parents, community members and partners in building a community of lifelong learners. We foresee that all of Dvorak's students will become productive and competent members of a global society by taking ownership of their education and succeeding in higher education and career goals.