African-American History (created by The students of 303 - Ms. Bass)
Dvorak Comprehensive Gifted Program (created by Dvorak Technology Academy)
Dvorak events (created by The Dvorak Academy Community)
Dvorak Technology Academy - Technology Program (created by James I Davis, Lead Tech Teacher, Dvorak Academy)
Technology practices in a Chicago middle school
Flu PSAa (created by From
Langston Hughes Poem (created by Ms. Carpenter's class)
Ms. Minter's 7th Grade Class (created by Ms. Minter)
Ms. Stanford's 6th Grade Class (created by Ms. Stanford's 6th grade class)
Video from Ms. Stanford's 6th grade glass
Podcast sample (created by Mr. Davis and Mr. Atchison)
Welcome to the Mac Lab! (created by Mr. Atchison & Mr. Davis)
Here is a tutorial to help you get started using Mac computers. Be sure to ask questions if there is something that you don't understand.