Comprehensive Gifted Program
The comprehensive gifted program serves students from grades K – 8.  It addresses the academic diversity of gifted and talented children at Dvorak.  It provides a full-time accelerated, enriched and rigorous curriculum in core subject areas with a philosophical approach of differentiation in the classroom.Technology is an essential component in our gifted program. The development of higher-order thinking and independent study skills are utilized to complete many of the homework assignments, projects as well as the various discussions.

Our vision

A commitment to move beyond the old methods of teaching and learning by addressing academic diversity through differentiation, while meeting the unique needs of gifted and talents students at Dvorak through acceleration.

For examples of our Comprehensive Gifted Program in action, click on the links below:

1st Grade: Students work in centers to build specific skills and develop lifelong learning skills. See the Photo Album. Students are introduced to history through art and dance. See the Podcast section.

2nd Grade: Students get hands-on experience with science and math by designing parachutes and measuring their performance. See the Photo Album.

3rd Grade: Students work in the Mac Lab with Kidspiration software to use visual learning to build conceptual knowledge. See the Photo Album.

4th Grade: Students work in groups to explore science concepts. See the Photo Album.

5th Grade: Students dialog with teacher towards a deeper understanding of community issues. See the Podcast section.

6th Grade: Students use audio editing software to author songs to motivate other students to excel on the state standardized test. See the Podcast section.

7th Grade: Students participate in the Adobe Youth Voices program to explore the issues in their world. See the Podcast section.

8th Grade: Students use podcasting tools and collabration skills to develop presentations about important historical figues. See the Podcast section.