Derek Atchison
Who Am I ?

As a former high school science teacher, I have always been interested in improving student learning and performance. My science classrooms were fun and full of 'discovery' moments. Students have performed dissections on live worms to experience the world of biology and built popsicle stick towers that had to withstand the weight of a bowling ball in my physics class to learn about power, work, and the acceleration of gravity. Needless to say, students were always interested in signing up for my classes, especially when a field trip to the University of Illinois anatomy lab (with real human cadavers) was offered to my Anatomy & Physiology students.

Along the way, I began bringing computers and technology into my science classroom to enhance the understanding of everything from the theory of the atom to metric conversions/measurements to graphing the results of a lab. I have always been called a 'change agent' and 'maverick' for my non-traditional approach to teaching science. My best teaching memories are starting off the year with students stating that they "hate science" and seeing those same students become some of my most interested students. There were some who would come to an understanding of science concepts and ask " So is that why...?" after making an observation. That's when I would smile and feel that I had made a difference in the classroom.

My interest in science and technology has led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Educational Technology degree.My personal mission is to graduate as an expert in the field of educational technology who is able to impact the world as a social change agent. I look forward to making a difference in the future on the local, national, and global scale, one student at a time...

Lead Technology Teacher
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